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CMS Integration

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If you have a website that has no management interface it can be adapted to use a CMS system. A Content Management System can make it easier for anyone to add, remove and adjust different pieces of data on a site. Using a CMS allows regular content updates and allows anyone who has permission to update the site’s content.

Eiddew excels in CMS

There are many CMS’s that may be utilized in any project and we can assist you in choosing the one appropriate for you and customize them to meet your specific processes. We can easily work with PHP-based programs like WordPress, Drupal. We also have experience with other CMS like Expression Engine, Bolt, Joomla.

We build CMS easy to use

In addition, our specialist can develop CMS solutions that work like a template that is simple for anyone to manage. Each CMS will have a template that includes individual controls for adjusting posts, arranging items on a website, and adding all kinds of pieces of data.

Eiddew helps you personalize your CMS solutions

The best part of any CMS solution is that it may be used without having to resort to complicated technical terms. These include many terms that only HTML or PHP programmers may know. The drag-and-click interface of many CMS solutions makes it easier for different items to be changed without wasting a lot of time.

CMS integration is a good start for companies that want to keep their websites updated, add new products or services, and extend the portfolio as projects are finished, or just want to change the online selling strategy. Any business that wants to reflect its flexibility, and showcase its experience should see how a CMS solution can be integrated to its site.

Another advantage that CMS’s bring is the existence of plugins and themes that help bootstrap the creation process. By using an existing theme and tailoring it to your need the cost and time needed for developing your website can be greatly reduced.

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