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Dedicated Resources

Custom built software means unique solutions for each client and each need

Many companies cannot find the exact features they need in already available software packages. The software may not have the features wanted or such software for the desired application may not exist at all.

We Build Custom Software Solutions

Only a few companies can afford custom software development as they do not have sufficient resources to support an internal programming team. These custom solutions are usually, developed by outsourced contractors. The main advantage of having custom software developed by Eiddew is that it can have the exact features developed without reorganizing the company to fit in with the structure of the pre-developed software. We know how important custom applications are for you and we guarantee that our solutions are more efficient than commercial off-the shelf software packages. Pre-developed products are made to appeal to a broader audience and include many extra features which many users deem unnecessary. With custom software products develop by Eiddew, you are free of these extra elements and are hence more efficient.

We Ensure only Dedicated Programmers

Once the organization has decided to have custom software developed, it is faced with two choices: to hire freelance programmers at a flat fee to develop the software or commence a long-term affiliation with a team of dedicated programmers.

Hire freelance programmers at a flat fee to develop the software but involves this disadvantage:

Hire freelance programmers vs. Long-term Affiliation with Dedicated Programmers


  • No further support after software deployment;
  • Lack of control over time and materials costs.
  • Can easily drop a project on personal interests even when they are not paid for the partial work performed
  • Their technical experience is limited only to their knowledge base compared to a multidisciplinary team

Dedicated Programmers

  • Dedicated programmers are customized according to your requirements and unique business needs;
  • Support your software even after deployment;
  • Customer support 24/7
  • Save on hiring, salary, benefits, retention and other miscellaneous costs
The software should fit the company’s needs perfectly and not the other way around. Here at Eiddew, we go to great lengths to ensure that each of our clients is happy with our work.

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