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Web development

Web development is the art of turning a great concept, into an actual functional website

Create a Great Web Development Concept

Our web development services will build your very own website to meet your specific needs. Because we understand that your online marketing strategy is crucial for your brand, business or organization’s prospect, we can provide you a great website that will rise above your competitors.

Eiddew Technology’s Competence in Web Development

We are a team of developers that have been working together for more than a decade. During this time we’ve gained a vast amount of experience (including high traffic websites and ad platforms) building websites using diverse technologies and platforms.

  • HTML5 and Responsive CSS3 layouts
  • JavaScript, using best practices (gulp task builder, vuejs mvvm library, reusable components, ES6)
  • PHP (following PHP-FIG best practices and coding standards using well known web frameworks as Laravel, Symfony)
  • Proficient with other languages depending on project needs, including but not limited to Python, Java, Scala, Perl
  • Database systems using MySQL, MariaDB, Posgresql or NoSQL systems like MongoDB and Cassandra
  • For legacy apps we have developers proficient in Flash / Flex using ActionScript 3

Build a competitive advantage

Using our experience and knowledge, we will design aesthetically-pleasing website, and provide the functionality that both you and the viewer expect to see in a high-quality, professionally designed website. As well as being highly experienced; we pride ourselves on being current and up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry. We do this through continual training and research of new techniques. We work with passion to be your best option for web development services. Our customer support is also unparalleled. Not only at the design and development stage, but we maintain our interest in our customers long after the point of sale.

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